My son Maxwell and I created Dangler 1363 to share with each other and the rest of the world the two things that mean the most to us in life; family and the game of hockey.

I started hockey at the age of 10, and met one of my very best friends that year while playing. I’m still skating at the age of 48. My son began hockey at the age of 4 ½ he is now 10 and played Pee Wee AA last season and also plays AAA for “03” state team. More importantly, at a very young age, he understands what it is to have goals and to be passionate about something.

Since Max began, he feels that he has found that special place where he belongs; as long as there is ice, a stick, puck and a pair of skates. Like most young kids, he wanted to express his identity by wearing shirts that had to do with hockey, the sport we have grown to love. I noticed at all the different rinks where we would go the kids would be wearing the same few limited designed shirts. From this observation, I got the idea to design and sell exclusive t shirts and apparel based on the spirit of hockey, so I asked my son if he wanted to start a company that made hockey hats and t shirts, he said “yes” and here we are.

Dangler Hockey 1363 is a company dedicated to bringing the youth and all that play hockey a brand to call our own. It was created for hockey players by hockey players with a youth influence…to let the world know the sport and rich tradition for which we have deep passion. Those of us who play understand the distinct essence of the rink and the lingo that is all our own. We have combined all of these and more into the designs of this brand.

What is the significance of 1363?

According to Wikipedia, 1363 is the first year that word “hockey” was mentioned in the English language. Also coincidentally, the number 1363 just happens to be the combination of my buddy’s jersey # (13), Max’s #(33) as well as my own#,(6). This special number incorporates the long history, tradition, and – most of all – the kindred spirit we feel that has been carried on for centuries whenever hockey players like you, my son and I step onto the ice.





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