About Us

I started playing hockey at the age of 10 and still play it today at 56. I met one of my best friends Johnny that year while playing and today, we are like brothers. My son Maxwell began playing hockey at the age of 4½. He is now 18 and has played throughout his entire youth, he now plays juniors. More importantly, Max learned to set goals since a very young age and put the work in to reach them. He understands what it is to be passionate about something. Without a doubt, hockey is Max’s passion.

Max and I created Dangler Hockey1363 to share with each other and the rest of the world the two things that mean the most to us: Family and Hockey.

As we traveled to different rinks when Max was round 6 or 7, we noticed how limited hockey apparel there was and we began to develop the idea to design exclusive hats, t-shirts and hockey apparel that is stylish and of high quality. Today, 10 years later, we’ve been doing just that!

Dangler Hockey 1363 is a company dedicated to bringing hockey players of all ages a brand to call our own. It was created for the hockey community by hockey players.
If you’re a hockey player, a hockey dad, a hockey mom or a hockey sibling, you know what our community means. Those who play truly understand the distinct essence of the rink and the lingo that is all our own. We have combined all of these and more into the designs of this brand.



According to Wikipedia, the first known reference to the word hockey came in 1363, when England's King Edward III mentioned it on a list of sports banned in the kingdom. It is believed the word is sourced from the French word Hoguet meaning "shepherds stick". Coincidentally, the number 1363 just happens to be a combination of Max’s first jersey number – 33, Johnny's jersey number - 13, as well as my own jersey number - 6. Johnny and I have both worn our numbers since we were 10. This special number incorporates the things that matter to us, family, the long history & traditions of hockey, and most of all, the kindred spirit of all who love the sport that has been carried on for centuries